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Snake Gliss

Snake Gliss Models


Snake Gliss

All sleds individually are identical and are coupled to each other so that they form a "train" driven by a guide.

They are coupled between them through a mobile axis which allows real curves getting new sensations in the snow. This fabulous design causes the "train" to descend the track under control; The user sits on his own sleigh, placing his feet on the front sled and this makes any user glide through the snow with a fun wave movement.

Access to the ski lifts

Thanks to Snake-Gliss, it is now possible to access to ski slopes using ski lifts.

Access to the tracks

The existing tracks can be opened to the practice of Snake-Gliss for some kind of special event or even exclusively for use in special areas.

In family or among friends

From 7 to 77 years old, the Snake-Gliss is an activity open to all audiences.

In the first sleds located in the initial part children are usually placed to enjoy the sensations in a more controlled way. As we move further back, the sensation increases as the turn acquires greater amplitude. In the last positions are placed normally the users who look for strong sensations.


The train is always driven by an expert or by an authorized guide. This activity is carried out only in an organized and controlled manner. For security reasons, Snake-Gliss is not offered directly to the general public


It is completely possible to ride on a nice and slow 14-sledged snake or to get extreme sensations on a same length train. It is the pilot who controls the situation.

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Snake Gliss Models

Snake Gliss Models

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